MikhailBorg - Michael O'Brien

  • Bio - things you may or may not want to know about me.
  • Fiction - I've been writing since I was in 3rd grade. Some folks say that still comes out in my prose style.
  • Graphics - every so often, I forget that I can't draw.
  • Games - both computer and role-playing. Yes, this is how I spend my free time.
  • Movies - The young son of a friend of mine thinks I'm a famous Hollywood star.
  • LiveJournal - an irregularly updated online journal of whatever's on my mind from moment to moment.
  • Costuming - classic Halloween and convention pics of me that are never online when a friend wants to see them.
  • Space Rogues Character Test - Find out which Space Rogues character you resemble most! Find out if you are willing to admit this to anyone!