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From: austinntxz@cs.com (AustinNTXz) Date: 01 Feb 2000 06:27:42 GMT

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David Koresh was a child molesting, gun toting idiot. Did the government start the fire? Lets say they did? Why were more then 80 percent of the victims found with gun shots in the oral cavity?Let me guess? DUH DUH DUH DUH GOV GOVERMENT DI DI DID ITTT! 80% of them were dead before the fires ever broke out. Now I guess you can say the government started them. We all know that isn't true though. 57 news affiliates had their camera's on the compound at that time. All were reviewed. Nothing was found! Overhead surveillance was reviewed. Nothing was found! David Koresh was a mad man that wanted to make people think the devil was out to get him. In whatever case. The devil got him...

In the mean time psychotic, and political haters will use this story to pound the government!

From: drmason@webtv.net (David Mason)
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 20:30:19 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Who did the research

I would like to know who did he research for all of these topics. It sounds to me like a bunch of irate civilians did the research. If that is so than how could you possibly be objective. Put yourself in this position, you are an ATF agent and you are raiding a suspected crackhouse and when you enter thru the door someone pulls a sawed-off shotgun from under a couch, what are you supposed to do, not protect yourself by shooting him, or not shoot him because he has rights too.

Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 13:34:54 -0400
From: Dave Higday Strat_Man@wow.com
Subject: ATF
To: To whom it may concern Ref ATF
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I have been reading some of your propaganda about ATF. I am a State Law Enforcement Officer who does Arson and Bomb investigations. I work closely with ATF and live with a female agent. Although there are problems in supervision, the field agents are some of the finest people I have ever encountered. You should at least acknowledge the fact that ALL agents are not gun welding, power hungry GUN STEALING maniacs. AT least be fair about what you send. I am sure if you try you can find many instances where agents have done good things and have saved lives.

Message-ID: 3179A899.296C@comm.net
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 20:16:41 -0700
From: Mike mike189@comm.net
Subject: BATF abuses

Why in the hell can't these people who are so horribly abused by the BATF sue in court. If half of what is being reported here is true there is no chance in hell that the current congress of the United States would not demand abolition and/or disciplinary actions against leaders of the BATF. You know what I tend to think? That most of these stories are lacking in detail, exaggerated and often fabricated. In other words, absolute bullshit!!! Your postings are ridiculous. I read your disclaimer at the top of your page that these are merely reports sent by "victims" and that you challenge the reader to dig up the facts. What a joke! I guess the BATF is so slick and good at covering it's ass that not one single incident that you have posted has resulted in any judicial action against ATF, Treasury Dept., or individual agents. WOW!! Gimmie a break. I challenge you sir, to prove ONE, just ONE SINGLE INCIDENT that you have posted here. Let's here the whole story for once. Oh, I got a good one....seems Wayne Lapierre broke into a Methodist preachers house in W. Virginia and forced him to purchase a Colt AR-15, a Norinco SKS, a Colt 1911, and a Ruger, MK-II. Seems the preacher was forced to spend his life savings on the firearms and is now completely broke. He stated to local newspapers that Lapierre was kept "...screaming about how I must have these guns or our country would be taken over by the BATF...". Apperently, Lapierre forced the man to pay $5,000.00 for the Colt AR-15 because it had a flash-supressor and a bayonet lug.


Message-ID: 319DDF64.319B@communique.net
Date: Sat, 18 May 1996 07:32:04 -0700
From: Chuck chuck74@communique.net
Subject: The Raid in MO

It sounds to me like the local police, 13 of them, and ONE ATF agent were involved. The latest information is that the ATF agent was not involved in the entry of the house, and in fact didn't enter until 12 minutes after entry had been made. Why is this being blamed on ATF? It sounds like a locally obtained search warrant executed by locals, with one ATF guy tagging along.

A couple of your other abuse stories don't check out either. The Ron and Elaine Miller one in particular. Ron, it turns out, pled guilty on the advice of his attorneys and is doing time, despite having TWO attorneys, both of whom are very protective of the 2nd amendment. Seems like that case must have had some merit after all.

Why don't you try printing the plain truth, without your own slant. I bet you are the kind of guy who really HATES the media for its left wing, liberal ass reporting, right? But, you are much worse. The shit you print is so sloppily checked out it borders on libel.

I will make a wager with you, the two assholes in Georgia are going to be found guilty, just as are McVeigh and Nichols, despite the rediculous cries from their sleezebag defense attorneys. Something about you guys just will not let you believe that a white guy with short hair who's politics are to the right can possibly commit a crime.

Why is that? Why is it always a government setup?


From tkeck@tfs.net Sun Jun 2 14:32:04 1996
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 1996 13:31:14 -0600
From: Todd Keck (tkeck@tfs.net)
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Subject: ATF Abuse in the ATF

I am writing to tell you about an incident in Leavenworth, Ks in which the ATF shot a young child. Awww, I can't go through with it. I had fully intended on making up a story about ATF abuse to see if you would have printed it. I'm sure you would have. I was then going to send you a letter telling you the story was fake. I'm sure you wouldn't have printed that. My original story would have stood as "real" and given fodder ("Huh, wha dat wurd", Check the definition, it's next to "Fact" in the dictionary) to all the morons who read and believe this crap.

You may want to try to include facts in some of your articles, but then they wouldn't say what you want them to. I guess you've accomplished your objective-You got some attention in your pathetic little life.

Keep up the humor! It's like reading the Enquirer.

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