Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

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The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) is widely perceived to be a rogue agency that openly ignores the constitutional rights of Americans. When this is brought to the attention of those in power, the response is usually, "Prove it!". The information in these Web pages do not 'prove' that the BATF is a rogue agency but it does present a lot of incidents. Study the information here, do some research if you wish, and then make your own decision about what kind of agency the BATF really is.

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Last update: 28 October 2001

Changes since last update:

Some minor reorganziation and addition of a few new to the author web sites, including a site that contains a complete paper trail for the institutional perjury BATF has been perpetrating about their NFA transfer records.

Over the years this web page has been in existence, I have received numerous inquiries as to how folks could contribute towards the maintenance of the page. There are now two ways to do this. First, you can sign up for your very own PayPal account by clicking on the banner above and I will get $5 to put towards upkeep. (You can also make a direct non-deductible contribution by this method.) Second, if you have an E-gold/OmniPay account, you can make a contribution that way to account #175180.

All the information you find on this page and more is the basis of a fictional novel by John Ross called Unintended Consequences. My review of this book has been added as a link. The review was published in The Libertarian Enterprise.

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If you have any comments on the material in these Web pages or if you have a BATF incident to contribute, send email to croaker@barkingmad.org