New iPhone Oddity?

I’m still using the original 2G iPhone. This is still a viable model, but it has been getting more and more sluggish of late. Usually, this manifests as apps not responding to touches or taking forever to draw up the next screen. I could blame the four e-mail accounts and three calendars that it will sync in the background, apparently any time I bring it out of standby. You’d think iOS could deprioritize those to ensure the user experience is always fluid.

Dear Aperture:

Dear Aperture:

This Quad G5 has 12GB of RAM in it.


Why are you so careful to never exceed a gig of RAM? I feel silly sitting here with over 8GB of RAM idle when you're struggling to keep up with my photo editing demands.


p.s. Aperture X, are you listening? I hope you're not Intel only.

More Found on my Hard Drive

From January, 2003, this was apparently a site I discovered using an older browser. I should note that I used to keep several browsers including older versions, for various web testing I seemed to find myself constantly doing.

About this site

Greetings, Netscape 4 User.

Found on My Hard Drive

I've got a lot of cruft lying around my hard drive from years past. Things like PDF forms for job applications, or Emmy Awards Party Ballots from 2002. Really, things that no one cares about anymore. I'm in the process of sorting and deleting a lot of it.

Every now and then I find an odd file where I jotted down a quick note to myself. One such file is called "cabdriver.rtf" created Feb 2003 when I was still looking for work in North Carolina. This file contains the following:

New Hardware, new software, new site

This latest upgrade marks Elfie 4.0, the fourth hardware platform to host this venerable sentinel of the internet.

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